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Are you overwhelmed piecing together the information you need to learn instructional design? Feeling confused about how to move forward?

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Hey there. Good to meet you.

I’m Connie Malamed and I’ll be your guide. I help people like you learn and improve their instructional design skills so you can gain confidence and proficiency in this field. My super power is breaking down complex material into clear explanations. I’ve helped hundreds of people gain competence in instructional design and I’d love to help you.

I’ve had my own ID business for 20 years, wrote two books on visual design, publish The eLearning Coach website and podcast, and was honored with the Guild Master award for contributions to the industry. Scroll down to see what members are saying.

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What's Inside?

Practical On-Demand Courses:

  • An Instructional Design Process
  • Audience Research and Analysis
  • Visual Design for Learning Design
  • Expert eLearning Strategies
  • Accessibility
  • Mastering Adobe Audition
  • Mastering Storyline
  • More courses will be added

Recorded Workshops:

  • Building an Online Portfolio
  • Writing Effective Test Items
  • Mastering Audio Scripts
  • Working with Subject Matter Experts
  • New ones added regularly

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Do you have questions about a career in instructional design?

Answers to Five Key Questions About a Career in Instructional Design

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